Dear Prospective Volunteers,
             It means so much when a customer says, “I love this place!  What can I do to help?” Slowly, over five years, an adventurous film-going community has grown alongside, and right inside Sun-Ray Cinema.   To be a part of that is a buoying feeling for all of us, and we’re infinitely grateful to each and every patron -- without whom this theater would be way less fun --  so I usually tell them just “If you want to help all you have to do is keep enjoying movies, thank you so much!”
As Sun-Ray prepares for a brand new, soon to be annual event designed to immerse you in the overlooked and under celebrated (fun genres, no?), we would love to broaden our team to match the scope of Sleeping Giant Fest.  If you’ve been one of the people looking for an excuse to spend even more time at your neighborhood movie theater and you want to be part of an all-hands-on-deck densely programmed festival environment that harnesses Sun-Ray’s energy to pull off one heck of a four-day-long event, please consider volunteering with our first Film and Some Music Festival.
   We would be so grateful for your time and energy and thank you for considering sharing your talents as part of this annual Fest.
Shana and Tim

Co-owners, Sun-Ray Cinema



for additional questions please email