Hey hey!

Sometimes the energy in the city that movie watching and concert going releases in its dozing citizenry is palpable.  We feel it sitting close underneath the flicker, in a so-long dormant space now transformed by our willingness to briefly commit to leave the workaday boredom and household stresses just for a few hours, together dodging the same worries, entering the same narrative.  Programming sparks conversations, each new person who learns about an event alight like a neuron making connection: the city seems to anticipate the wave of new images, sounds, to absorb. Immersed among others taking the time to seek out these experiences we are energized by one another, by content, seemingly by just breathing the same air.  

To us, that’s the Sleeping Giant our festival awakens, that Sun-Ray pokes and prods all year to change out of those darn pajamas and get out of the house for a minute.  Harnessing the power of a hive mind for good -- movies, music, and maybe cold drinks and pizza too. We know we’re always hungry after a good nap.

If you are considering going all in and committing to volunteering a few hours to spread the good gospel of Sleeping Giant to those who soundly slumber still yet, thank you.  We have handbills to hang, a schedule to talk up, and more than enough sunshine to share. Sun-Ray and Sleeping Giant appreciate you, and we’ll see you at the movies.


Shana and Tim



for additional questions please email shana@sunraycinema.com