Saturday 2:25pm

A best of shorts program made up of work from the residents of DUUUUVAL

Still Life Dir.Franklin Ritch

While looking for creative inspiration in an abandoned warehouse, a young art student unwittingly witnesses a violent ordeal.

Home Haunting Network Dir. Brock Moore

What could go wrong at an estate sale of a haunted home?

Dark Forest Dir.Bassel Jaada

Thomas, an unemployed tradesman in the 1890’s pursues to court Amelia, a friend from his church. Amelia who is an artist from an affluent family background feels that Thomas is not to her class standing and rejects his loves. In spite of this Thomas is unrelenting in his advances towards Amelia, this all leads to a sudden confrontation in the Dark Forest.

Group Dir. Nicole Peacock

A young woman finds herself in an unconventional group therapy session.

The Bearded Drama Dir. Bailee Ingersoll

How hard is it to come up with a name of your band?

Abyss Dir. Travae Davis

A woman wakes up after a tragic accident. Unaware of what the future holds, she’s faced to make a dire decision.

Seeking De Sales Dir.Royce El Freeman

Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers. Has he forsaken us? The journey to find him is one of self exploration.
Aren’t we all Seeking De Sales?

Metaphysical Education Dir.Justen Mann

Two scientists struggle to create a working time machine until they receive unexpected help from a rowdy P.E. teacher.

Poker Face Dir. Josh Van Zant

A clairvoyant runs into an ethical dilemma in the midst of a poker game.

Be Prepared Dir. Jimbo Moon

A Stalker discovers his target is more resourceful than he expected.

Some Fun Tonight Dir.Paul Bathen

All hell breaks loose when Silas learns that his wife Lily has desperately reached out to Ted, her childhood love and current US Marshal, to come to her aid in a marriage that was not what she expected it to be.

Dumbstruck Dir. Timothy Ryan Driscoll

Sometimes the only way out is through surrender.

Girlfriends Dir. Jazz Walker

On the brink of major life changes, two friends discuss what the future may hold for them.