Local homegrown films will be presented in this 90minute program

 Perpetual Youth - A music video from the band Young Adult.-Cory Driscoll

- Curfew - Just after curfew, a worrywart stresses out over a loved one’s well being.-Dena Mckinnon

- Final 35 - On the verge of graduation, a girl has one chance to persuade a reluctant classmate to help her complete a coital marathon.-Franklin Ritch

- A Child’s Play - As his parents argue, a repressed young boy retreats to his room to play out his feelings with his toy figures.-Brooks Brandal

- Life, Breakfast, Cereal - Just as a young women is about to have breakfast, tragedy strikes. She is a victim of first world problems.-Devon Ess

- Eviction Notice - Facing immediate eviction, Lucas Rodriguez may have one last shot to make rent.-Tyler Falbo

- 3 - Two brothers record a webcam show and experiment with some cursed items. What could go wrong?-Ian Dooley

- Divorce Proceedings - A young couple are finalizing their divorce when the future ex-wife makes a strange request.-Chad Posey

- Jesse Higgins And His Inner Demon - Follow Jesse Higgins as he describes his heartbreaking and amusing story of being possessed by a demon.-Marshall Malone

- Ground Zero - The true story(word for word)  of a man that lost his wife to 911.-Trey Vollmer

- Nice People - An unusual motel employee investigates three rooms after checkout. In them he deduces the strange and terrible events from the night before.-Laslo Tamasfi

- Demon Quest - An animated spiritual dark fantasy short in the style of a 1980's video game. -Jason Scott

 Uninvited - A young woman has forsaken love and starting a family in favor of her career. One day she awakens in the woods behind her house, with no idea how she got there. Her memory slowly starts to come back, but what she remembers is something beyond terrifying.-Adam Madrid

- Zaw - Kids investigate a local urban legend and play a game of dare. Things don't work out too well for them. Rest in pieces.-Richard Kodai

- Some Fun Tonight - When secrets are revealed, four lives spin out of control one cold fateful night in a ramshackle barn.-Paul Bathen

- F.T.W. - World Premiere. Warning Adult Content-Josh Townsend