Blood Feast
Herschell Gordon Lewis

1963 35MM
70 minutes

Thursday March 30th 9:15PM

The expanded cinema project, Magical Approach (see experimental sidebar), will set the table for the ancient Egyptian feast. Hershell Gordon Lewis' Blood Feast is a police procedural that moves to its own beat. The Miami village police department has its hands full with a series of mysterious and seemingly random murders and the only connection may or may not be a book club. Meanwhile, wealthy Miami socialite, Dorothy Fremont wants to throw a dinner party for her daughter that has NEVER been seen or experienced. Dorothy's good friend Annette Dupris suggests Fuad Ramses owner of Fuad Ramses Exotic Catering and it looks like he has just the ticket: “An actual feast that has not been served in 5000 years. “

The Godfather of Gore passed away in Ft. Lauderdale back in Sept of 2016 and we were lucky to recently uncover a 35MM print for this special occasion. Mr. Lewis who later became a well known direct-mail marketing guru never imagined that his work would survive past the drive-in circuit they were created to serve. One filmmaker who championed the work of Mr. Lewis was John Waters. Serial Mom's Chip and Beverly Sutphin share a bond over their fondness for Blood Feast.